• 这次节目中我邀请了来自The Hat Lab的创始人&女帽设计师Marion Rosset,教大家如何将头饰与服装搭配。节目下是服装细节图以及对Marion的采访。所有服装造型由博主自己搭配,感谢Xinlelu.comWilliam the Beekeeper新店提供服装和拍摄场地(五原路87弄1号门,近乌鲁木齐路)。
    In the latest video, I invited Marion Rosset, the founder & designer from The Hat Lab, she taught us how to wear hair accessories. All the outfits are styled by blogger Ciga, big thanks to Xinlelu.com & William the Beekeeper who provide the clothes. Video was recorded at their new location (No 1, Lane 87 Wuyuan Road, near Wulumuqi Road).

    How did you start to design hair accessories? 


    I started my own brand of head pieces in Shanghai because of a business trip in Paris with Mayumi Sato in 2010 (I used to work with her). During Fashion week, I met a Brazilian hat designer Ricardo Costa and fell in love with his work. He made me realize that hats are the most precious accessories one could ever wear. It's the cherry on the cake. I left Shanghai and studied one year in Paris  at Mod'Art Fashion School. Jean-Pierre Tritz was my millinery class teacher: he's the hat-maker behind all headpieces you see on Jean-Paul Gaultier runways. I guess he's one of the best out there. In the meantime I also worked with Ricardo Costa and then the talented milliner Estelle Ramousse (she specializes in theatrical millinery and fashion shows). I came back in the Summer of 2011 and started the brand end of 2011.
    2010年的时候,因为公差和Mayumi Sato去了巴黎。在时装周的时候,我遇到了来自巴西的帽子设计师Ricardo Costa,一下就爱上了他的设计。是他让我认识到帽子是非常珍贵的饰品。之后我回到巴黎开始学习时尚,Jean-Pierre Tritz是我的女帽课上的老是,他是Jean-Paul Gaultier走秀上帽饰的制作人,我认为他是最棒的。同时,我还和Ricardo Costa以及Estelle Ramousse(擅长舞台女帽设计和走秀设计)一起工作过。2011年夏天我回到了上海,年末开始了自己的The Hat Lab品牌。

    What inspires you the most?

    Old movies, blogs, street style, home decoration, jewelry, and Japan! I'm always looking at colors, how different colors complement each other, or a palette is perfectly in harmony. I love Eley Kishimoto, Tsumori Chisato, Marimekko for their bold crazy prints and vintagesque designs. MMM is also inspirational: play and experiment, it makes fashion fun.
    老电影、博客、街拍、家居设计、饰品以及日本!我喜欢各种颜色,喜欢不同颜色的搭配。我非常喜欢Eley KishimotoTsumori ChisatoMarimekko的设计。MMM也常常带给我灵感:好玩又实验。

    Which product is the most popular one? 

    I've sold quite a lot of both turbans and hair chains. The turbans are for very stylish and confident women as it's not an easy piece to pull off, but when you do manage to pull it off, I can assure you radiate vintage beauty, and playful elegance. It's nice with simple untied hair or all tucked in the turban with a fringe and some loose hair around the face. The hair jewelry is an easier piece to digest and play with, it's bohemian inspired, works well with long or short hair, low loose bun, fishtail braid. You can wear it with lace or florals, vintage printed dress or a maxi color block dress.

    Your design is very vintage style, do you wear vintage during the days off?

    I'm usually not influenced by trends and I don't follow the latest fashion codes. I'm definitely a vintage-lover in the sense I like to wear something old everyday, whether it it my grandma's jewelry, bags, or some vintage scarves worn as belt or head wrap and mix a little bit of mainstream piece to tone down the outfit.

  • Little tease of the new video to be online next week, featuring The Hat Lab. 下星期上新节目,来个小预告,这次是做The Hat Lab头饰。



  • 最新的节目中,我来到Bubble Mood的工作室,创意总监Olivia从他们2012春夏系列中选出四款衣服,我把它们和其他的衣服结合搭配了四套outfits,有运动风,沙滩系,以及年轻的OL。Olivia专访请看视频下的文字部分。

    Q: When was bubble mood founded? Bubble Mood是什么时候创立的?

    Olivia: Bubble Mood was founded in 2009 and we start our first collection in 2010. 

    Q: What is the style? 是怎样的风格?

    Olivia: The Bubble Mood style and world is definitely something fresh, trendy and chic. Bubble Mood is a brand that anticipates women's desires and moods and make clothes accordingly. It's also a real mix between our life in Asia and our parisian background, very chic and stylish.

    Q: What inspires you most? 灵感来源?

    Olivia: We don't have any specific rule about our inspiration, it can be a pattern, a fabric, a city, a track of music, a picture...

    Q: Where did you find those fabrics? 你们从哪里找到服料?

    Olivia Mainly in Asia (Korea, Thailand, China, Hong Kong) and few of them in Europe.

    Q: Kimono is very popular this season, what makes your kimono design stand out? 今年春夏Kimono是一大亮点,你们的Kimono有什么不同?

    Olivia: For me, the kimono is a very interesting outfit since girls can wear it on a bikini in a casual and very summertime way, or in a more chic way with high heels, make up and jewelry. I like the idea of a cloth that can have different styles while being the same. Besides, as designers, to work on a traditional piece like the kimono and to play with flash colors and patterns from other inspirations than the typical Japanese one is a super exciting challenge. I'm really happy to see that girls like this piece because it's definitely the Bubble Mood master piece !
    对我而言,Kimono是一款很有特色的服装,姑娘们可以穿着它走在沙滩上,又或者换上高跟鞋、化个妆带上首饰。我喜欢这种同一件衣服却有各种不同风格的设计。另外,作为设计师,可以在传统服装加入鲜亮的颜色和图案更是一种挑战。我很高兴看到很多姑娘都喜欢这款衣服,绝对就是我们Bubble Mood的大师级作品!

    Q: In the description, Bubble Mood is not just a fashion brand, what else does it provide? 在你们的介绍里说Bubble Mood不单单是个时尚品牌,此外还有什么?

    Olivia: Bubble Mood is closely associated to Warehouse Studio, the creative agency who is doing all our visual identity. Our passion is to deal with creation and to work with creative people in order to thrill people with innovative ideas. That's the reason why every sale we're doing is about fashion, music and gastronomy (we love to do our sales in restaurant or bars ), that's the reason also why we're working on other projects such a creation of uniforms for restaurants or creation of items for events. Even if our job and what you're doing everyday is fashion design, creation and inspiration are everywhere !
    Bubble Mood和Warehouse Studio保持着很好的关系,他们负责我们所有的视觉。我们热爱与有创意的人合作,陶醉于这种创新之中。所以我们所做的每个内容都是与时尚、音乐、美食有关,例如我们为餐厅以及活动设计制服的项目。

  • 最新一期的镜面节目,我来到了MEUH!复古小店(泰安路29号),和设计师Helene Meunier爱莲玩了一把服装搭配,并做了一个小采访。

  • 我的视频节目The Mirror第二期:美乐活创始人/CEO Michelle Yeh的一段对话。介绍了我最喜欢的三款产品以及关于有机美肤!超级喜欢那款蜡烛和肥皂,你可以上他们网站了解更多产品信息。

    Here is my second video of The Mirror, 30 minutes talking with founder/CEO Michelle Yeh, I picked my 3 favorite product, really love the soap and candle. You can find more information on their website.

    Special for sensitive skin  针对敏感肌肤的产品

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